Filet Day Means A Recipe for You to Impress Dinner Guests, Courtesy of Pechanga Resort Casino Chefs

How to make Truffle Sauce au Poivre like the culinary pros. Truffles in this sauce are optional if you’re not a mushroom fan, however, they do impart umami flavor that’s hard to get from other ingredients.
Our sauce found on dishes in Kelsey’s and other Pechanga Resort Casino restaurants works amazingly well for steak, pork and other meat dishes. Side dishes such as Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or other roasted veggies, risotto and more pair perfectly with Pechanga’s au Poivre sauce.
This recipe comes to you courtesy of Kelsey’s head chef, Jonas Corpuz.
1 ea shallots small dice
2 cloves garlic small dice
3  TB green peppercorn
3 TB Fine chopped black truffles (optional)
1 TB unsalted butter
3oz bourbon (deglaze)
1/2 cup Demi glacé
1.5 cup heavy cream
TT Sherry vinegar
TT Kosher salt
1.) Sweat shallots & garlic until translucent. W/ Butter
2.) Add green peppercorns
-increase heat until fragrant.
3.) Deglaze w/ bourbon, flambé to cook off alcohol.
4.) Add demi glacé
-bring to medium simmer
5.) Reduce liquid to 1/4
6.) Add heavy cream
-Bring to boil and whisk constantly to prevent burning.
-Reduce to 1/2 or until sauce coats the back of spoon (Napé)
7.) Add optional truffles
8.) Season to taste with Sherry Vinegar, Salt
-Sherry vinegar to add brightness to sauce without being overly acidic.