Help Save a Life and Honor a Veteran With Your Blood

TEMECULA, Calif. – (October 20, 2016) – This Veterans Day, everyone has the chance to help save a veteran’s life and give them a valuable gift. Pechanga Resort & Casino is hosting a Veteran’s Day Blood Drive on Friday, November 11, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Blood donations help patients at three Southern California VA hospitals – Long Beach, San Diego and Los Angeles – in addition to other recipients around the southland.

Every donor will be provided a card indicating their blood donation in honor of a veteran. Donors can also write “thank you” messages and add their names. Pechanga Resort & Casino and the San Diego Blood Bank will be sending the inscribed notes to veterans through Operation Gratitude, a non-profit who sends care packages to veterans and troops overseas.

“We salute our veterans and active duty armed forces and give thanks for their sacrifice to keep our country safe and strong,” says David Wellis, CEO of the San Diego Blood Bank.“  “In collaboration with Pechanga Resort & Casino, each person who donates blood on Veterans Day may participate in Operation Gratitude – a simple way of saying thank you to those who are and who have bravely volunteered to protect our country.”

California houses the highest amount of veteran residents in the United States. According to U.S. News & World Report, there are 21.8 million U.S. veterans in the country as of 2014. To put this number in perspective, America has a total population of 319.2 million. Veterans Administration data shows more than half of America’s veterans are over 60 years old. Many of them, as well as younger Veterans need medical attention and blood supplies.

“We deeply appreciate the work our service members and veterans do to protect and serve our country,” says Patrick Murphy, President of the Pechanga Development Corporation. “The very least we can do is to show them how much we truly care and support them. If even one veteran receives blood as a result of this blood drive, it’s worth it.”